Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Temptation !!!

Guatama Buddha being tempted by Mira, the god of pleasures. [Mir pjanh preah]

Posted By: Kee Date: Saturday, 12 November 2005, at 7:57 p.m.

Who, born in this plane of senses, is free from sensual desire? No one. And who, among the many, is willing to cut free from this ultimate pleasure? Only a few.
At the age of 29, a human is at his prime, full of beauty, energy, and sensual thirst. But one man from a Sakyan clan fought a battle within. Guatama Buddha had already won the war over wealth. He gave up everything. Now he was facing another war; it was the war between him and Mira.

Mira is the god of pleasures. In isolated jungle thicket during meditation, Mira appeared in exceptional beauty, trying to entice Guatama from achieving his goal. But he knew what Mira was attempting to do. Guatama ignored the sensual body displaying before him. Soon, Mira disappeared in dejection for he was unable to distract the sage.

A virtuous and holy man is worth of respect, reverence, and offerings. A monk in yellow robe, if properly following the 227 rules, has truly won a battle that is so hard to win. Such a holy man deserves praise.

“Better than a hundred years of worship,
Better than a thousand offerings,
Better than giving up a thousand worldly ways In order to win merit,
Better even than tending in the forest A sacred flame for a hundred years--- Is one moment's reverence For the man who has conquered himself.
To revere such a man, A master old in virtue and holiness,
Is to have victory over life itself, And beauty, strength and happiness.”
--The Buddha
------------------------------------ Photo – Unknown artist.


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